“Them as can do must do for them as can’t. And someone has to speak up for them as has no voice.” says Granny Aching to her granddaughter...
- Terry Pratchett,
Wee Free Men

Animals have always been an integral part of Beata’s life. After years working in a variety of professions but through her efforts in the Dolphin & Whale Conservation field, and motivated by her experiences with dolphins as well as her canine companion Kiesha, she followed her heart and instincts since childhood, and despite being largely self-taught, began communicating with animals professionally. Beata has since built a strong reputation and client base from all over Canada, the United States and Europe. 70-80% of her animal communication is through long distance telephone work and clients include people and their animals companions from all walks of life. The animals Beata has ‘talked’ with span all manner of species – from cats, dogs, and horses to pythons, elephants, and hawks. She has been called upon to work with many exotic animals such as those at zoo’s & sanctuaries and works closely with a number of veterinarians and trainers; as well as several animal welfare organizations including H.E.A.R.T., Pet Patrol, Rottweiler Rescue and the OSPCA. Beata and Keisha have also been regular volunteers with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

Beata’s insights have benefited people and their animals with behavioral challenges, health concerns, lost and found, performance & training issues and strives to contribute to reestablishing harmony & understanding in our interspecies relationships. She collaborates with several veterinarians has also been featured in The National Post, Dogs in Canada Magazine , Wholelife Magazine and The Globe and Mail. She has been interviewed on Radio 640’s “The Amazing Pet Program”, KOOL FM, the CBC Ontario Morning Show, “The Motts” on CFRB Talk Radio, EZ Rock Toronto, CKCO Television and Rogers Television. Beata lectures and teaches at many different holistic and animal related organization events including Inner-Access 101 and the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians Annual Conference. As well, she is a certified Regressional Therapy facilitator although the animal communication work has taken the majority of her time & passion. She teaches workshops on Animal Communication skills throughout the year.

Beata shares her home with three dogs and two cats and is working on her first book “Second Nature”, due out later this year. She strongly believes that everyone has the ability to communicate with animals. As Beata says “It’s just a matter of opening your heart and remembering how to listen. Making Animal Communication once again our ‘Second Nature.’ ”