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"If you talk with the animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys."
- Chief Dan George



I wish to thank you so much for our meeting on Sat. TG has been noticeably different since then, with more eye contact and better response to me. She was certainly full of information for me, and it was amazing to be able to access it through you. I will contact the vet to help with caring for my girl. TG got her apples, and Tuck got his swimming pool soon after your visit -- they love them! I will recommend your talent to my friends with pets. Gratefully,
JL – Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Mastiff with seizures

Just a note to let you know that TG passed late Wed. night... she was very peaceful, and is now out of her pain... so many of the things you said at our meeting were accurate, and a great comfort to me... I thank you for enabling her to connect with me better.
JL – Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Mastiff

It was fun and interesting to hear what you and Buck and Zeus had to say. You certainly pegged Zeus' personality!!!! It is certainly true that he and Buck are special buddies! It was heart-warming to learn that there really is a pack that interact with each other and with their human members the level you showed us. Thanks again. It really was a pleasure to meet you and to hear what you and the boys had to say.
DH & Zeus – Pickering, Ontario, Canada Rottweiller & Shepard


I really appreciated and benefited from your visit yesterday. It's helping me feel stronger and I'm concentrating on sending more positive thoughts to Koya. We love her so much. I'm sure you understand. It's good to know that there are some who understand both animal/human nature and the special unique bonds that can develop between them.
Again, Thanks,
DH – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada tabby cat with health problems


Thank you so much for the has been very helpful and already we have started to make changes based on Sabrina's answers and thoughts. I realized who the small spaniels were when we came home the other night....the 2 King Charles Spaniels next door started barking at her and I realized she was speaking about them.....they bark at each other through the fence.......
LL & Sabrina – Stratford, Ontario, Canada Golden Retriever


… I feel like consulting with you again soon because it's like getting a letter from the cats….
CF – Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada cats


You are so lovely, as was your message. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated what you have done so far - it was such a relief to hear what you said over the phone - re: he wants to fight more. I had this feeling & I am so glad to know he is willing to have the catheter. With gratitude, and love from Smokey, who has his catheter placed in his neck this Thurs. am. I think we are all very positive about this & thank the Universe and you.
DK – Toronto, Ontario, Canada ill cat


How is it possible for a human to love an animal to such a degree? The answer lies in the greatest theory that we are all one in spirit - despite our form.

Think kindly of the animals in your life - even the birds, the insects, etc. - while Darwin's theory (the hierarchy) is none-the-less-true, there is still a place for all us humans to pay particular attention to the relationship we have with our animals - for it is a stage in the advancement of our soul-life. I am grateful to have spoken with you, I am grateful on behalf of so many 4 legged creatures that you are here with us in this lifetime, and on behalf of my Smokey and myself, a special thanks for your kind thoughts and such a perfectly appropriate poem. (You were right, it did make me cry.) Thank you for your indulgence - I needed to get this grief out. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Sending the love from my soul and the love from Smokey's soul.
DK – Toronto, Ontario, Canada ill cat


How amazing that your remember Hercules. I recall your telling me that you knew he was going to come to me. I wasn't terribly receptive having just lost Bugsy whom I adored. But Herc proved himself over and over as a loyal, loving and wonderful little dog. I miss him a lot, but I must tell you a wonderful story. The day after I buried Hercie, I was working in the barn, mucking out or cleaning up somehow, and I felt this dog lean against the back of my legs and the air from a waving tail. I looked around but nothing was there. So I knew that Herc was telling me he was still around to protect me and he was glad he wasn't in any pain any more. He was so courageous, even when he he'd just fallen down cause he could no longer manage on his back leg, he got right up and barked and barked and came to my side when someone arrived at the driveway. An amazing and loyal animal. I'm blessed that I was able to give him a loving home for his last years. He certainly seemed to return that love.

And my horses after they had died, often for several days I would hear stamping and whuffling in the barn - noises of them getting rid of flies and looking for hay...just to let me know they were still around and happy. While I regret having had to let them go when perhaps they could have enjoyed a few more days, it was their time as they both suffered intense pain. So we tried to give them a wonderful send-off. I was also very relieved to learn from Mr. B that he understood my concerns and that I was to forget them, that he and Niki are still enjoying being around. They are so wonderful, and gave me so much pleasure while they were with me. I still miss their big presence so very much. I know now that all my friends who have passed on can come to visit if I need them, and that there are some that will return.

Thank you so much for your generous sharing of the information Coffee gave you. She is indeed a remarkable, resilient and special dog. I've had a lot of fun taking her with me everywhere since Hercie passed over, and appreciate his great loyalty in continuing to help her. I was also surprised that Coffee thinks another dog might be okay - two? That’s an even bigger surprise, but as you know, all the animals that have been and are in my life and family, come to me, I don't go looking for them.
Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with me, and confirming for me my feelings that Coffee just wants to keep going for as long as she can. What a wonderful little dog she is.
BS – Clarksberg, Ontario, Canada Shephard/LabX & horses


Thank you from all of us, Beata, so much, for your kindness in working with Bondi, Coffee and me - and incidentally the little black cat in the barn. I do want to thank you so much for your kindness. I'm convinced I made the right decision in accepting him into my home, and you are right - he is definitely one of the family already.
BS – Clarksberg, Ontario, Canada Collie & CollieX


I just wanted to touch base and update you on Bosley. We took him to the chiropractor last Saturday after you were over on the Friday night. His jaw was out and his shoulders and neck was a mess. The chiropractor did three different adjustments. His jaw, neck and hips. She said his jaw was the worst of all. She knew right away that something was wrong with his jaw because his head was really HOT. As soon as she adjusted him, the temperature on his head went down. Anyways, I have a brand NEW dog. When I came downstairs on Sunday morning, I swear he was smiling at me! He is bouncing around and playing again. It's unbelievable the change in him! Thanks for your help! We really do appreciate it.
SF – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Bulldog with behavior altering pain


Tara has been quite perky since your communication and we is feeling better now that you were able to clarify some of the issues relating to hunting, food, etc. I'm very much looking forward to the time when it will be Gem's turn again. He seems pretty content these days (except when the vet or blacksmith come - -luckily they are both very understanding and willing to take things slowly) He's been very sweet with me lately and seems quite orally fixated--lots of licking and pushing his nose into my palm, but no biting, quite affectionate actually which I love. I'm not working him at all over the winter and will gently try starting him again in the spring. Thanks again also for your help with Tara-she's a special girl and we're grateful for the deeper understanding that you've given us.
EG & MJ – Wookstock, Ontario, Canada Red Tailed Hawk & Thoroughbred/TrackainerX


Both of us want to thank you for everything that you did. When we were feeling so helpless, you offered us your ability to do things we could not do and that made a big difference to us even though things didn't turn out the way we hoped, we appreciate it. We have been gradually coping with the loss. It's still painful, and we miss him terribly, but we are also so grateful that he was in our lives and enhanced our lives so much.
MSZ – Halliburton, Ontario, Canada lost cat


Chris is delighted with the tape you made with Boots, and the information you sent her too. Already there is a difference: Chris says that twice she and Boots have met other dogs, and Chris has visualized friendly meetings, and Boots behaved well. She says he seemed very pleased with himself, and she of course is very happy. … the <fox> hunt passed through the farm where he was living, and so Chris thinks the sort of bullhorn you saw may have been the hunting horn. It is quite lovely of you to make such a difference in Boots' life, and in Chris's!
Blessings …
MR & CS - East Yorkshire, UK LabX with fear aggression towards other dogs


I meant to get back to you sooner ... way behind on my emails though. Thank you so much for talking with Derreck, he loved it and wow, not that you need validation anymore ... but you are so on the money with Derreck. He is exactly as you describe him, exactly. And it will be my pleasure to honour his wish ... it's my favorite thing to do. He did pull through, once again, out of those down days. Amazing ... he perked up and is carrying on as if nothing ever happened, John Wayne indeed. Thank you again Beata,
Love from KR & Derreck – Peterborough, Ontario, Canada rescue Hound in crisis


All the best to you, and thank you again. Sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for the time you shared with Calvin & the family. I especially need to focus on the "intentiality" of my thoughts directed to Calvin. We have really taken the "visualization" part that you talked to us about seriously. You were very helpful and interesting. The peeing problem improved so much that I felt confident enough to have my carpets professionally cleaned this week!!! We roughhoused with Calvin last night too! We all are benefiting from your input. You have a very special gift. I am following up on more reading.
BF – K-W, Ontario, Canada sheepdog


Beata, you have no idea how much I enjoyed this experience. It exceeded my expectations by far. I have other four legged friends in my home that I would also like to contact with after this session.
SM – St. Pascal, Ontario, Canada cats


It was so wonderful, yet again, to have you facilitate conversations with me and my critters. I love them so much and I feel so loved by them. I love how much we already know each other, but it is so special when I learn something profound. I had the acupuncture done for myself, as per Sophie's instructions, and I had a "heart to heart" with Luna about her need to heal me. Last night she started her night time downstairs and I missed her so in my heart I called to her and asked her to come to bed. I didn't miss a beat when I saw her little head peep over the foot board of my sleigh bed. Thank you.
PC – Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Lab & Cats


Dear Beata - Our dear doggie, Roxanne, is doing very well. You gave us a consult last year; we did go see the recommended vet. What a wonderful journey that was, and her healing has been going on since then. She is on a number of herbs, recommended by the vet and since then, she seems to really have turned a corner. She is full of energy, often going for two walks a day, loves to play and is busy loving the whole family, in between looking our for squirrels. We are grateful each day for Roxanne’s well being, energy and unconditional love. Thanks again for your part in her/our healing journey. It is miraculous. Gratefully yours,
CG, Roxanne, and all those who love her – Barrie, Ontario, Canada Collie-ShephardX


Beata - I must say since your session, Kemo has had far more energy. He is getting his toys again and really enjoying his walks. Maybe he got some worries off his mind. Thanks again and God Bless you always.
JD, Zeus and Kemo –Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Rottweiller & Shephard-HuskyX


I wanted to tell you something about the reading that you did for Suzie a couple of years ago. In the reading you said that she liked something about apples. Knowing that she had never tasted an apple, I tried to give her one and she refused it. I thought that a little strange. However, when I picked her up to cuddle her as I did often, I always called her my 'little crabapple'. I then realized what she was telling you. She loved being cuddled.
CMD – St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada Miniature Poodle


Thanks so much for listening, and communicating with me and Galaxy -You have so enriched my life I can't even tell you. My brother was touched, I am sure - He was so quiet that I think the tears were rolling down his face on the other side of the phone. He is looking forward to receiving the tape. He recognized all the moments that ‘Pat’ mentioned - the fire, the walks, the fishing, everything. Please take care and please keep in touch.
Lots of Love,
LV – Paris, France & Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Shephard-HuskyX & dog whom had crossed over


I remember when I saw your ad and just wanted to let you know what a difference you made in my life. I was living in Toronto at the time. I phoned you about my two cats, Chamonix and Scamper. This was the first time I had ever heard of animal communication and after talking to you, I became fascinated by it. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your time and conversation with Scamp. By the way, I realized what dog Scamp was talking about (hound looking dog). Our neighbors that come from Massachusetts about five times a year have a beagle that has markings like a hound and this Beagle definitely would go after my cats if he was ever off lead. Thanks again Beata for your help when I really needed it. It's a wonderful thing the thing you do!
JD – N.Woodstock, NH, USA Cats

Just wanted to pop you a quick note to say a huge "Thank You” for coming to my house last night and working with Murphy. It was great to see how Murphy responded to you - the difference in him is unbelievable, and I'm guessing it's because he realizes that we not about to just let him go and that we understand these things are happening for a reason and that we'll work with him to work these issues out. I truly enjoyed our visit and can't tell you enough how helpful this was to both me and my family. Our comfort levels with him seem to be that much better. Best Wishes
LD – Barrie, Ontario, Canada Yorkshire Terrier with dominance issues.

I just really wanted to say thank you for seeing Blossom and helping us out yesterday. I know she benefitted from your attendance. Our conversation really put me at ease. Blossom and Taylor got their raw hide candy canes tonight....I told my husband about your communication about that and the fact that the girls knew we had them (hidden) and really wanted one, and he laughed and said that we better give them one to keep them happy! ---- and besides, it was almost Christmas! They really enjoyed it!! Your talent just amazes me!
FSH, Taylor & Blossom –Heidelberg, Ontario, Canada Labrador’s


I wanted to write you sooner to thank you for your visit and the information you provided for us communicating with Joye and Griz (oh, and Trevor too!). We are happy to have met you, and will definitely be in touch to communicate with our animals again. I guess, we should give the cats a turn... if Trevor lets them get a "word" in!!! One interesting thing that happened after your visit... Joye is a very bad beggar when we are eating... to the point of trying to grab our plates. One night this past week she was running back and forth the living room begging. I remembered what you said about her not being fed sometimes <in the past> and going hungry. I got a hold of her, made her sit in front of me and said, "Joye, listen to me... you will never go hungry in this house. You will always get breakfast. You will always get dinner. And, you will always get treats in between. It's just sometimes breakfast and dinner aren't always at a regular time, but I promise you, you will be fed. You will never go hungry in this house." She looked at me the whole time and then turned around, went to her bed and curled up and lay down until we were done eating. Then she followed me calmly out to the kitchen after I was done eating to prepare her supper. Her begging has been substantially reduced! Now if I could get her to understand the leash like that!! Again, thanks so much for everything. We found the information you could provide to be very helpful.
SRH – Kitchener, Ontario, Canada rescued Bernese Mountain Dog(s) & Cats

It has been a little more than a month now without our girl here and I believe that the roughest of times have past. I still miss her terribly, some days worse than others. I just can't bring myself to put her bed away. It seems comforting to see it her in her room and it brings a sense of completeness to us when we see it as we come and go through the front door. I have loved and lost pets before, but I don't think anything could measure how much Shay meant to us. I think the lesson I must have to learn here is how to truly rely on myself. I do believe that Shay enriched my life, taught me many things but also she served as a focus in my life whereby I chose to avoid focusing on many issues in myself that I am again facing, without her.

I have called her into my dreams and I do feel her around me when I need her. I sense that she is serving a very special purpose in watching over and preparing the souls of our children as she has indicated to me. I know that I am supposed to give thanks for the time we spent together and I know that I should take comfort in knowing that she will always be with me - although we had 8 wonderful years together, it still felt as if I had just found her again and had to let her go. Now, I know that I can look forward to crossing paths with her again. I thank you for being there when Shay and I have needed you. I bless you for your understanding of the special connection between humans and animals. Blessings,
MM – Wellesley, Ontario, Canada ShephardX


Just wanted to let you know that Deacon is alive and well and still a joy to our lives. Also want to thank you for all your understanding and guidance to Deacon and all of our family. Eight months later, after the dreadful diagnosis of secondary cancer of the spleen - Deacon shows NO signs of the ravaging disease. Deacon seems just fine, looks great and enjoys life. For this we are very thankful and we hope he'll be with us a few more years. Like humans, proper diet, exercise, life style is very important and seems to be keeping him healthy, vital and enjoying every sunrise. I admire you for the wonderful and devoted work you do with and for animals. I hope your world is full of joy. Best wishes,
TU – Whistler, British Columbia, Canada Rhodesian Ridgeback first connected with a growth in the throat several years ago.


Hi Beata - I just thought that I would drop you a quick note on such a beautiful day and give you an update on Jesse. She is really coming into her own and is getting much less frighten of being on her own. She has had very few accidents in this new year. She greets me at the door every time I come home and lets me know she has been a good girl. I make a huge deal of it (telling her how proud of her I am) and she gets a piece of carrot (her favorite treat) and then goes outside. We have had 2 accidents since Christmas time and have gone as long as 7 1/2 hours in the house. She has adopted an “Angel” that she cuddles up to during the day and I think that she feels safe with her. Jesse loves stuffed toys but with this angel, unlike her other toys, she does not shake it or get rough with it.
I still can't thank you enough for all your help, and I am sure, all your distant healing that you have been sending our way. Thank you so much Beata.

I took Jesse to our vet today. I told him about our conversation and we put our heads together. He first checked Jesse's sister's file and found that she had bladder stones 2 years ago with reoccurring infections. He put her on a special diet and she hasn't had a problem since. She also had a slight (internal) problem – as you had noted. We decided to x-ray her bladder first. No stones. The vet then decided to do an "internal" on her. True to form Jesse was as good as gold. She is raw!!! She is a mess. He gave her a douche and we are going to repeat it twice more. He is hoping this will clear it up. If not we will do a culture and see what grows.

The vet was very willing to hear what we had talked about and was very glad that you tell people to take their companions to a vet and he feels that we should all work together for the health of our pets. As far as the kidney is concerned, after taking blood work, all of this mess is tied in together. She pees enough to relieve the pressure but stops because it hurts and then has to go again very soon again because she hasn't emptied her bladder fully. Tonight on our walk she was running and jumping like she used to.

Our vet also knows about Jesse's sensitivity to meds. This is why he is trying the douching first. He doesn't want to give her meds unless it is necessary. He is a kind and gentle man who can stand to see any animal in pain or suffering. He loves his job and is always looking into ways of treating animals that is easier on them. Take care and I will keep you posted.
AR – London, Ontario, Canada Lab with incontinence & separation anxiety.


Elmo seems to be doing better. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with his head or mouth but more blood work did indicate that Elmo is suffering from kidney failure. My husband took Elmo back to the vet it was found that Elmo was quite dehydrated (despite drinking quite a bit). He has been getting I.V. fluids and is back on potassium. Since then he has been eating well and has put on some weight. He seems to be acting much more normally and is back to his feisty self for the most part. I have been reading up on kidney failure in cats and much of what Elmo told you about his symptoms can actually be related to this condition. Besides getting turned off of their food and becoming lethargic it is possible for a cat's mouth to become inflamed or even get sores when their kidneys are failing. No sores were visible but it is possible that his failing kidneys could be the cause of the mouth pain he was describing. Also, it is possible that the dehydration was causing Elmo's head to hurt so much. I know that I can get splitting headaches when I'm dehydrated. Thank you for your insight into Elmo's health.
MG – Etobikoke, Ontario, Canada tabby cat


Dear Beata, - Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you yesterday. I have given a lot of thought to all my wonderful furry companions’ communication and think I learnt a lot. The more I read, the more sense it makes. Ambrose is a different dog now he is on real food. I never thought I would see him so healthy. I have moved Alf from the Equestrian Centre and he seems to be settling in well. He lives on a much smaller farm, with only 6 horses. He has maintained his sense of humour throughout the ordeal. He really is very precious!! Take care, best wishes..
SW – Mount Forrest, Ontario, Canada Golden Retriever & Pinto


Animal communication is like an internet chat line. All dogs are online, and whether they chose to "chat" is discretionary. Kali: Her opinions about competition and agility regarding those (people & dogs) who compete would probably make a lot of people uncomfortable. Remember how Brandy "popped online" during a session and you and I got exactly the same image of Brandy on the teeter-totter saying, "I'm scared!" and Kali, I think, said in her Valley Girl annoyance, "Just go!" Or the time I needed to speak to Sumo during a rough time and Kali impatiently butted in and said she had to speak first and vent how Sumo was being trashed when everyone should be helping him get better. She is my guide who says to stop procrastinating about everything. "Just do it." All the indecision is like white noise and gives her a headache. What both dogs described about what happens when their prey drive kicks was profound..

Sumo: (His story is a book in itself.) The numerous communications after he's been hurt by people's negative thoughts and words. Two particular incidents stand out. First involving strong negativity from other humans afraid of him: You communicated and assured him that he wasn't an evil killer. As you've described him, he is an amplifier and hypersensitive. The impact of people's negativity had hurt him so badly and battered his confidence. The influence of those awful words actually changed his behavior. He began to act out like a child who's always told he is worthless. Like flicking on a light switch - he reverted back to his real self after you communicated my belief in him. Particularly that I would never take the easy way out and rehome or euthanize him. Second the incident: Sumo was in excruciating pain, couldn't walk for weeks, and so afraid of the vet. You confirmed in an incredibly detailed timeline, what caused the injury. Also you explained to him how he needed to at least walk down the stair ramp so I could take him to the vet. (I had to cancel the previous appt because he wouldn't budge, and I couldn't carry him to the car.) It was the most amazing morning. He did everything you asked of him, despite being scared and apprehensive of the vet staff, he was cooperative. 2 1/2 yrs later we're still working on rebuilding his shattered confidence and trust. For all those wonderful people who supported us, and watched Sumo's progress, I have their testimonies of awe and inspiration, and words of encouragement. Again, thanks for being part of another jaw-dropping experience.
SK –Toronto, Ontario, Canada German Shepherds


Just letting you know that Harjo is doing beautifully. Your ‘diagnosis’ (symptomatic) was confirmed by my vet and he is doing just fine now. Thank you for your support.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I took Megan to the vet to be clipped – she was not sick in the car, going home, etc. She is a happy camper! Much happier than I expected. I will not be able to thank you enough. Each small victory is great!
IR – Ellensburg, WA, USA Shitzu


I understand you were a huge support to Lori the weekend Kartoola earned her CD. Lori was so excited and proud to tell every detail. I even saw the pictures of you with the winner in the winner’s circle! My friend Angela said you were a big help to her and Bear. She said that after speaking with you that day, Bear returned to her bed that night! She removed those new pillows and he was happy again! She has comfort in knowing what he is thinking, thanks to you. So I would like some insight too..
BH – Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (dogs mentioned – Kerry Blue Terrier & Bichon Frise) Spaniel


I wanted to write you and thank you so much for your time yesterday talking with Lucky and I. It was so amazing to me to hear what she had and wanted to say to me. I shared the info with my friend as well and he was really touched and sadden to hear that she missed him and what she had to say about their time together. I didn't want to upset him but wanted him to know the impact they both have had on each other's life. Plus I know they will always have a place for each other. He was very moved as was I. I am working on sticking with my pet names for her and respecting her wish of not loving her official name - and so far she's had lots of good treats. I am amazed at your skill and gift that you have with animals. It's a blessing to me that I was able to talk to you. I have already passed your information on to many friends that are interested. We look forward to receiving the tape and again appreciate your time and kindness.
MM – Toronto, Ontario, Canada Rescued Terrier Mix


Once again, thank you so much for helping us communicate with our dog. We have already started to make changes and it feels great. His bed is now in my son’s room and our dog seems to be adjusting to that very well. We have left no food out anywhere and have bought treats for him. We realized a few more important things about him. It all feels more respectful for all of us and that is such a blessing!
LB – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Rescued Chinese Crested


Beata, thanks again for a great session with Holly. We have noticed a big difference in her since then. She seems to be a little less worried, and has been showing affection for the first time since we brought her home. The night after the reading, she slept right beside me all night with her head on my chest! I felt so good and so special!!!!! I'm sure that getting those things out really helped her, and I'm positive another go at it will help her even more! Even my co-workers have noticed a difference in her! Thanks so much! I look forward to speaking with you again.
MB - Toronto, Ontario, Canada rescued hound mix