Story Tails Workshop Testimonials Testimonials
"If you talk with the animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys."
- Chief Dan George


Comments on Previous Animal Communication Workshops

“Beata speaks clearly and with confidence and conviction. I enjoyed every minute.”

“Very relaxed, easy to understand and informative. Beata’s teaching has a flow and ease about it ”

“I expected to sit through a lot of lectures. The variety of activities held the interest and made the time fly. Unexpected and most enjoyable!”

“Easy to learn with lots of encouragement & affirmation. I will realize more of what I learned as time goes on.”

“Beata is a wonderful speaker and storyteller… I enjoyed the workshop immensely. Fantastic! ”

“Very helpful, uplifting and full of joy.”

“Completely amazing - like when you discover a buried treasure!”


OAVT Conference Comments

“Very different & interesting with great presentation. Enlightening, interesting &, encouraging.”

“Excellent (2) presenter with very good expressive communication, humour and clear to the point.”

“Always a pleasure to listen to. Very relaxed environment, with exercises well timed.”

“WOW! I could listen forever. Thanks Beata!”

“Very good session! Thanks for your help. I think the OAVT should sponsor her to give her a 2 day workshop.”

“I was very impressed with the talk and the concepts of animal communication – I will try to apply the concept of talking and reassuring animals in practice.”

“Interesting topic – good stories! It’s good to be open to new and different topics. These are very hard examples to grasp. I like her approach to it & her unworldly manner. It would be interesting to learn more and understand better.”

“When I first looked at the lecture material I was disappointed when there was so little but after attending the session I understand that the topic isn’t something you write down, it comes from your heart and mind. She opened me up to new ideas; she forced me to use my imagination which is something I rarely do. She is an excellent speaker and her passion comes out so well when she lectures.”

“I enjoyed her demeanor, interesting to hear the animal’s perspective. The most common thought I have is, I wish animals could talk. I just have to start listening.”